Now Introducing Apple Pay!

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NOW INTRODUCING APPLE PAY We Have Joined The Future! We here at My Nerdy Needs have just introduced a new way to pay APPLE PAY. we are now accepting apple pay and chrome payments.  Now this is a  big deal … Continued

Sale On ANIMALS Collection

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ANIMALS.We are having a big ol’e sale on everything in our ANIMALS collection this sale will be from 5/18/2018 untill 5/21/18 all items and pricing below. Up to 50% off!  16% Of Sale Products Sold Products On sale 03 Days … Continued

Popufur Giveaway Contest

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POPUFUR ART CONTEST GIVEAWAY UPDATE APRIL 8THFrom some of our entries in our Popufur contest we put togethor a little promo video! Check it out below Hey furries, here’s an exciting annoucement!!Chew recently released a new collection called ” Popufur … Continued

Popufur Collection

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POPULAR OR POPUFUR. Chew has just released a new collection inspired by the popular “Furry Slang” this collection currently has four options visible below! The Popufur Collection May be available for a limited time Click Here To View The Items … Continued

Dead Inside Sale!

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You Heard It Right!Were having a sale on all off our current Dead inside Products! Currently available from now until the 5th of next month!Look Below to see all of the current Designs that are on sale! and then either … Continued

Site Updates March 2018!

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Well! SOME STUFF HAPPENED!We’ve added some features to the site to improve your lives and make it easier to buy our stuff!Below is a bulleted list of stuff we’ve done/improved on! Site Speed Improved By Changing hosting!Site Security ImprovedSearch Bars improved … Continued

Lemon Boy Comic

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Check Out This Cute Lemon Boy / Cave-town Comic Made By CHEW!.This comic is based off the song Lemon boy by Cavetown. after reading check out the fan made Cavetown designs based off the album below. *Art and Designs are … Continued