Lemon Boy and More Cavetown Related Merch, Check out these shirts and other things that are currently available.  Lemon Boy, and new album items currently available. THIS IS UNOFFICIAL AND IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH CAVETOWN. Currently, These designs are exclusively designed by CHEW and may be available for a limited time chew’s main goal is to pay for her college tuition from sales of her designs! so if you want to support chew”s “Don’t die and go to college fund” by all means check out some of these exclusive Cavetown/Lemonboy Shirts, sweaters, jackets and other things like that! Each one of these designs is artists interpretations of what Cave’s music looks like while listening to it, each song has their own unique emotion and interpretations while following the melodies as well as the feeling of the song. Coming together to form a single and whole album, and album designs.

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