Imagination or OMORI?

Chew has just released a new collection inspired by the popular YouTube video and online comic. OMORI Pure imagination by OMOCAT. Our new collection currently has four options visible and you are able to see them below! Customers can now also watch the video linked below!. Because of how we role, The Pure imagination Collection May be available for a limited time so it's best to look at it in the shop now! Click Here To View The Items in the Shop or Click HERE for more Of CHEWS designs

Currently Available OMORI PURE IMAGINATION Products

OMORI – Pure Imagination✨

Each one of these designs was created by CHEW, they are designed to reflect the creativity of ones self in there own imagination. The ideas behind this design was a mass project with several characters form different people. It's actually very interesting how each one of these little guys have they're own personalities and such. Currently our design item OMORI Pure imagination is available in many different apparel items because we know how much you love our stuff!, such as pillows, Long sleeves and short sleeve shirts and sweaters. it's also available to buy as a printed item and will be added to our iPhone case collection line very soon in the future, it is encouraged to check that out when possible! To view these items in the store you can either CLICK HERE or you can click the image above.

OMORI Pure Imagination✨

* Is in on way associated with OMOCAT and this work is completely and totally a parody. Tysm