Popufur Collection

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Chew has just released a new collection inspired by the popular "Furry Slang" this collection currently has four options visible below! The Popufur Collection May be available for a limited time Click Here To View The Items in the Shop or Click HERE for more Of CHEWS designs. 


From some of our entries in our Popufur contest we put togethor a little promo video! Check it out below

Currently Available Popufur Products


Show your pompus popular Furriness with these Popufur Hats!
These are perfect for someone who loves wearing hats and also wants to express some furry attitude!


Show your pompus popular Furriness with these Popufur Hoodies/Sweatshirts
These are great for the furry that wants to have just a-little bit of Style. 
All sizes can be custom aswell as colors! To find out more about any desings just click the design to find out more!


Show your pompus popular Furriness with these Popufur T-shirts
What's that? you have over 2k friends? And Compulsively need to let everyone know how popular of a furry you are?
Say no more fam. 

We ship overseas! Anywhere you are we can get it to you! We have locations in the US and the UK aswell as Asia! If you have any problems with your order feel free to shoot us a message via the bottom right corner! or shoot us an email with any concerns/ questions that you might have. You can also email us at Nerd@MyNerdyNeeds.com

We hope you enjoyed this post about the new Populur Furry Collection if this wasn't quite what you were looking for fear not because you check out more of a few more of our designs in our Shop. We have everything you can think of and we are constantly adding new designs to the shop! Feel free to check it out whenever you'd like!

*MyNerdyNeeds.com Is in on way associated with Supreme and this work is completely and totally a parody. Tysm